DGL Indy Celebrates 7 Years Serving the Midwest and Beyond

Jul 10, 2023

We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary as Central Indiana’s customer centric LTL trucking company! As we continue to look ahead on how to better serve our customers, we also like to reminisce on our past and how far we’ve come!

Indy DGL Celebrates 7th Anniversary

In 2016 and 2017 we started with only one driver and one truck servicing one customer throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana areas.

By 2018 we had 2 drivers in 2 box trucks and a cargo van which allowed us to make our first deliveries to and from Chicago while continuing to service our expanding customer base throughout Indiana, expanding further than we had before! By the end of 2018 we hired a third driver.

By 2019, we hired another driver and made the move to lease our trucks allowing us to have less downtime and better reliability with automatic preventative maintenance and the ability to swap trucks as needed to remain on-call for Central Indiana’s LTL needs.

In 2020, as we know, the Covid-19 pandemic put much of our economy through a strain we have never seen before. We were able to help our customers as shipping goods became more important than ever. We hired more drivers and continued to expand our routes past just Indianapolis and Central Indiana.

By 2021 we we’re able to lease our trucks long term so we could have the newest vehicles with the best safety features allowing us to protect our drivers and our customers’ products while also giving us the best miles per gallon possible to help keep our prices low and lessen our carbon footprint throughout Central Indiana, Chicago, Cincinnati, and the rest of the Midwest.

In 2022 we established an official office and headquarters for our meetings while numerous of our largest customers also expanded into more regional warehouses, allowing us to more frequently visit all sides of Indianapolis and Indiana as they expanded more into Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and even as far as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Now, in 2023, even as our economy shifts and some industries slow, we’re saying goodbye from Indiana to one of our drivers but “Hello!” to Richmond, Virginia as they move to start up our second headquarters. Now our 26” box trucks will have better access to the east coast with plenty of relay opportunities to fulfill any needs!

With half the year in the book we look forward to our continuing growth and the ability to help our customers go further than ever before.

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