Happy New Year from DGL Indy

Jan 11, 2024

Happy New Year from DGL Indy! Now that we are in the first full week after the holidays, we at DGL Indy have had time to reflect on this past year and its challenges and look forward to new challenges that can help us grow and become a stronger company in a constantly changing industry.

2023 was a difficult year for many, both for those in our industry and beyond. Rising (and finally, plateauing) fuel costs, rising insurance costs, and a slowdown in manufacturing and purchasing have led to some organizations closing. From the beginning of the pandemic here in the state in early 2020 we saw a boom in e-commerce which led to a boom in the transportation industry.

This past year we felt the effects of our industry correcting as we saw the closures of many other companies, including Yellow, one of the top trucking companies in the US. With all of this we are thankful to our dedicated drivers and customers for their hard work to keep us on the road and (pun intended) trucking along.

With the hardships, we had many successes. Our merger with Yes Freight inherited us additional experienced drivers and allowed us to become more versatile by adding cargo vans and smaller trucks, adding more value to our customers who have require express and same-day services.

Now onto 2024. Seven years ago, our furthest destination from Indianapolis was around Columbus, IN. Since then, as we have expanded our customer base, we have also expanded the ways we can serve them. As the phrase “The Crossroads of America” suggests, our customers’ customers’ needs vary as much as their locations. We must remain flexible as we continue to expand our service area and we must always be aware of the costs of expansion. Namely, the dead miles where our trucks are driving just to transport themselves back home.

With our interstate expansion, DGL Indy now offers our customers aggressive pricing back to Indiana with our weekly and bi-weekly delivery destinations of:
• Ohio (Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland)
• Michigan (Detroit area, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids)
• Pennsylvania (greater Pittsburgh area)
• Illinois (Peoria, Champaign, and Chicagoland)
• Kentucky (Lexington and Louisville)

DGL Indy looks forward to seeing our trucks visit more locations throughout the Midwest than ever before.

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