DGL Indy Upgrades Technology to Better Serve You

Jan 9, 2023

As our business continues to grow both in terms of customers and distance traveled to and from Indianapolis, we have also increased our use of technology.

We are now compliant with all DOT regulations for longer hauls with Motive ELDs and dash cams. Now, we can give up to date information about the arrival time of our deliveries without having to distract our drivers, and with the dash cameras, safety is guaranteed.

Whether it’s a delivery within Indianapolis, a delivery from Indianapolis throughout the Midwest, or a back haul back to the Hoosier state, our customers now have access to accurate and up to date ETAs!

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Business to Business Commercial Delivery

DGL Indy is dedicated to providing LTL solutions tailored to fit the delivery needs of your business. We are a team of licensed and insured professional drivers dedicated to getting your product where it needs to go – quickly, safely, and reliably.